Modern style homes have clean lines, open floor plans, and minimal embellishment. They are often characterized by flat roofs, and windows that make the most of natural light and views. They also often feature sleek furniture and décor, such as the tailored sectional featured here. To create the perfect modern home, you’ll want to balance these elements with touches of rustic detailing and warm colors.

While many people use the terms contemporary and modern design interchangeably, there are several key differences between these two styles. Modern design is typically based on simplicity and functionality, while contemporary design is more focused on incorporating new trends and styles into everyday living. For example, contemporary design is more likely to include a mix of high- and low-end materials like marble countertops and brass cabinet hardware.

The best way to identify a modern style home is by its exterior design. While most contemporary homes blend well with their traditional neighbors, this house’s simple facade and unique combination of siding sets it apart as distinctly modern. The slanted rooflines of this modern home are balanced by the wide porch and expansive windows that take advantage of cooling ocean breezes.

Inside, the modern style is defined by a clean, simple aesthetic with a neutral color palette. The idea is to create an uncluttered space that is free of distractions. This type of interior is a popular choice for young families and those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle.

To achieve a modern style, you should start with a neutral color palette of white, beige, brown, and gray. These colors are versatile and provide a blank canvas to showcase your décor. To add a pop of color to your modern home, try adding accents that incorporate metallic elements. Silver, gold, and copper are a great choice for modern décor because they reflect the sunlight beautifully and add visual interest to any room.

Another easy way to add a modern touch to your home is by using natural materials like wood and stone. By incorporating these elements into your kitchen, you can create a look that is both elegant and functional. To complement the natural materials, consider installing a backsplash with a bold pattern or texture. For example, a herringbone backsplash would be a great fit for a modern kitchen, or you could try a hexagonal tile design.

To finish off your modern home, consider hanging some modern art. This style of artwork rejects the aesthetics of art styles that came before it, and can have a more abstract and geometric design. For a touch of modernism that can be appreciated by both adults and children, try hanging an abstract painting or geometric sculpture in your home. With a bit of time and effort, you can transform your home into the modern masterpiece that you’ve always wanted. To get started, download our user-friendly Foyr Neo software to select the best floor plan for your dream home! From there, you can select the paint colors and furniture that will suit your modern style.