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Whether you inherited your grandmother’s heirloom china or spent hours agonizing over patterns for your wedding registry, the china you use—both the fancy set you pull out for holiday dinner parties and low-key pizza nights with the kids—says something about you. In recent years, many couples have opted to break with tradition and skip formal china on their registries in favor of items that better suit their 21st-century lifestyle (like robot vacuums and air fryers). But if you’re the type to want to fill your home with pieces that spark joy, a classic patterned china set may be for you.

While some people might argue that fine china isn’t suitable for everyday use, if you take care of your porcelain and bone china dinnerware sets correctly, they can last for generations. To prevent dishes from chipping or cracking, always wash them straight away after each meal to remove acidic or sticky food residue. Also, be sure to keep any metal or glass accessories away from your china, as these can scratch and chip the surface. And finally, avoid putting your plates in the dishwasher together with other items, as this can cause the edges of your plates to become uneven.

For an extra-special touch, invest in a china protector to keep your dishes safe from damage and scratches. You can find one at most department stores that carry china, including large chains like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s, or online through Amazon.

A number of iconic brands specialize in making high-quality porcelain and bone china dinnerware that can stand the test of time, from the regal history of Wedgwood to the more contemporary designs of Michael Aram’s showstopping porcelain plates. Couples can find a variety of traditional and modern styles on Lenox’s website, from bold floral designs that debuted in the 21st century to patterns that date back two centuries.

Whether you’re a fan of the elegant simplicity of banded china or prefer the traditional blue-and-white look of Canton, there’s a style to suit every host. But no matter what pattern you choose, it’s important to consider how your china will be used before registering for it.

While some millennials might be hesitant to add a formal china set to their registries, many others love the idea of setting their tables with quality plates that speak to their design aesthetics and entertaining style. Whether you’re into grand millennial or casual modern, here are 12 best-selling china patterns to consider for your home.