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Lighting trends may come and go, but some styles are so timeless that they withstand the test of time. From midcentury modern to organic and natural shapes, these lighting trends are here to stay and offer an opportunity to add your own personality to your home’s decor.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, smart lighting is taking center stage. This lighting trend offers a way to incorporate innovative design into your home with voice-activated and motion-sensing fixtures that respond to your needs. These new lighting designs are more than just functional; they can transform the mood of your home and create a sense of security.  Nanolamps

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a single fixture or transform the entire look of your home, smart lighting is a must. The latest lighting designs are more energy efficient than ever before, and can be controlled with the touch of a button or a voice command. They also help to reduce glare and make it easier to read books and other material. Smart lighting allows you to control your home’s lights from anywhere you have internet access – including from your smartphone.

Natural elements are popular in many aspects of home décor, and the lighting industry is catching on. The latest lighting trends reflect this trend with woven grasses, reclaimed woods, stone, and rough-cut crystals. These natural materials give the light a soft glow and lend a warmth to the room. They’re also a great choice for those who love the cozy feeling of hygge.

In 2023, pro designers are turning away from oversized chandeliers and drum pendants for sleek, streamlined ceiling lights that complement the space. The Preston semi-flush ceiling light by Studio Anansi exemplifies this 2023 lighting trend with a pared-back silhouette that feels fresh against years of dominating drum shades and beaded chandeliers.

Another 2023 lighting trend that echoes the simplicity of minimalist home design is sculptural forms in fixtures. This is a great way to bring your personal style into your home without having to do a full renovation. For example, the Soren Globe pendant by Pinch is crafted from repurposed banana skin, moulded over a bronze frame. Not only does this unique fixture look beautiful, but it also supports the artisans that created it.

For those with limited floor space, one of the top lighting trends for 2023 is wall sconces. This versatile lighting fixture can be used to illuminate entryways, powder rooms, and hallways while freeing up space on the floor for furniture. Look for sconces that feature interesting design details, like this mushroom lamp from Currey & Company, to enhance the look of your home.

This year, more homeowners are embracing the idea of a connected home. With the right smart lighting, you can turn on a light with your phone or voice commands and set your thermostat at the same time. You can even set different lighting scenes for entertaining and relaxing in your home to make it feel more comfortable throughout the day.