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Wicker & Rattan are indiginous to Florida. So that makes them able to with-stand our humidity and weather conditions. You'll still need to keep it clean. We have 2 fantastic products.


WICKER CLEAN: This is a fantastic cleaner for all your indoor and outdoor furniture. It is expecially designed for Wicker and Rattan because of it's foaming action. It will get in the crevises and disolve the dirt and grime. Then you can wipe it off. (If you'd prefer you can hose it off.) Wicker Clean will also leave a protective coating to help your wicker stay looking newer longer!


WICKER CARE: This is a preservative. It is the natural oils that are in Wicker and Rattan. Wicker Care should be used on Natural or Stained finishes. This will keep your Wicker and Rattan lush and beautiful for many many years to come.

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Wicker Clean and
Wicker Care

Come visit our showroom for more details of these excellent Wicker cleaning and care products today!

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